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About us

Toshani India, based in Gurgaon, is a Financial service provider chain that aims to become a leading company providing a comprehensive range of financial services all over the country.

With the idea of growth and prosperity, Toshani started its business in 2015 and has shown enormous growth in the industry. We are providing a platform for small businesses to expand sources of their income at a minimal cost of investment. Our major focus is covering the rural India which lacks proper knowledge, unaffordability or unavailability of internet access. According to research, 45.15% of the population has internet access and a major part of the population is still using 2G because of which on average 6 out of 10 transactions fail due to low speed on 2G connectivity. If we consider the illiteracy rate of India then Rural India's contribution is major in it and there is a part of the population that is still not able to read and write. Even regular ATMs in such areas are not easily available or are non-functional.

Our Mission

To innovate across all aspects of business and use the power of technology and business collaborations to provide customers a world class experience of our range of products and services

Our Vision

To be the leading company that provides a comprehensive range of financial services and energy saving/renewable energy devices to millions to value and budget conscious customers globally.

Core Values

Customer Satisfaction
Strong customer and market connect